Flip Flop in Sales – Be On Your Toes

Bob and Irene are married and own a realty company. He is strong in planning, organizing, managing and budgeting. She’s a super sales star, great at schmoozing, negotiating, and closing the deal. They compliment each other well and make an outstanding team that has attracted many brokers and agents to their firm. Ten years ago […]

What’s the Motivation?

“Things are seldom as they seem. Skim milk masquerades as cream.” So goes the lyrics from Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta, HMS Pinafore. The same warning can be issued reading a buyer’s personality style. Often a person’s occupation may be a strong indicator of their inner values. However, people choose careers for many reasons. So it’s […]

Making the Sale to Scooter Boys

Two boys, each on their own scooters, navigated in and out of traffic on a moderately busy street. Although they were quite young, perhaps under the age of 8, their personality differences were evident instantly. Initially they rode on the sidewalk and when they approached a curb, each had his own way of remaining upright. […]