Tips for Building Rapport : Part I

Building rapport is fundamental to attracting clients, developing a profitable business, and closing more sales. Of course you must smile, look people directly in the eye, and offer a firm handshake when you confidently say “Hello.” But there’s so much more to building rapport. The first tip to building rapport is to listen – really […]

Tips for Building Rapport: Part II

Do you recall the message about Active Listening? Have you tried to tune your ears to hear the pace of the speaker? Here’s a second way to build rapport and connect authentically with prospects to close more sales. As an active listener, observe the speaker’s inflection. Some people speak in a monotone and have very […]

Tips for Building Rapport: Part III

As listening skills improve, so will your ability to build rapport. Today’s tip about rapport building also relies on active listening. To close more sales this time, focus on picking up specific words or phrases used by your speaker. What words do your prospects use? One group will talk about orderliness. Their words paint a […]

Tips for Building Rapport: Part IV

The previous three tips have focused on being an active listener. We’ve examined the pace, inflection, and even words used in speaking. What if you hear silence? How can you build rapport and close more sales? For many people silence stops communication. But it doesn’t have to. You can still listen closely and discern meaning […]

Tips for Building Rapport: Part V

Silence. Most people squirm when the other person doesn’t speak. This is especially problematic when you’ve engaged in a short dialogue before the ensuing silence. Let’s talk about building rapport and closing sales when your prospect responds by not engaging. The scenario we’re discussing is one that happens early in the relationship. It occurs during […]

Dog Day of Selling

Pleasantly persistent, Goldie stands patiently in front of a stranger who sits on a park bench near the pond where Goldie walks daily. Eyeing the person expectantly, Goldie nudges the orange Frisbee closer to the person’s feet and vigorously wags her tail. Every muscle in her body is poised for the anticipated throw of her […]