Selling Insurance Tom Boy Style

Lynda is smart, ambitious, resourceful, and determined. As the only daughter in a family of sons, she was a Tom boy growing up and thought she could adjust herself to the world of men. Yet she could not overcome the male-dominated culture of selling insurance. True to the statistics that 90% of agents leave within […]

Persuading Gus

People like Gus pop up from time to time and can be very disturbing to people like Natalie and Steve. Who is Gus? He’s the know-it-all prospect who feels entitled and full of himself. At first glance, he may come across as an average person, nothing out of the ordinary. Yet within minutes the interaction […]

Personality Type is the Key to Sales

People hate to be sold, but they love to buy. That’s why there is a wide variation in the amount of time it takes for individuals to make up their minds. In making a decision to purchase a product or service, people fall into one of 4 timeframes. First is the Speedy Gonzalez. Within one […]

Reading Personality Type to Make the Sale

Myra called in a panic. Could this sale be saved? A new customer was unhappy with his custom-made shirt, and returned it a third time for alternations. The custom-made trousers and jacket, which he ordered at the same time as the shirt, fit the burly individual precisely, and he kept them. Myra had done everything […]

Find the Right People

Chad towered above everyone in his field, not just because of his height, more so due to his business savvy. He was unconsciously competent. He knew how to sell ice to an Eskimo. He seemed to possess the Midas touch because almost every person he met used his services. Younger professionals flocked to his feet […]

Communication Style Impacts More Than Just Business

Bill and Marie met in college and instantly bonded because of their keen intellects, love of learning, and interest in current events. The courtship was quick and unromantic especially hastened by graduation and plans to attend university in another state. He pursued the law and eventually specialized in taxation. She studied Victorian literature and became […]