Action Takers on Fire

blog Oct 8Action Takers on Fire

You either love them or hate them. They’re impulsive spontaneous, excited and enthused. They seem to be perennially in motion and want things done now (well actually yesterday). They are demanding and driven. Don’t stand around or get in their way. But do ask them for the sale! Because Action-takers are ready and eager to buy.

Their first priority is having things their way. They value freedom and rale against limits. Give them modern, sleek lines, bold colors and patterns, and be certain that it looks expensive and unique. Designer labels draw them like magnets as they enjoy sporting these brands on their bodies and in their homes and offices. They definitely appreciate the finer things in life and are willing to pay for the privilege, which explains why it’s easy to up-sell them and why they often max out their credit cards.

These people are first adapters and are excited to try out new products and services. They like to look their best and be admired. Make it fun, add a party spirit, and they’ll be primed to buy. But be prepared for negotiation as sales is a game that these buyers like to win.

Action-Takers are on fire. They decide and act quickly. Get to the point and spare the charts, graphs, fine print, or reading matter. If there’s an opportunity associated with the purchase, make sure to highlight it because as highly competitive individuals, they take risks for the right rewards and recognition.

Perhaps smitten with a touch of ADD, Action-Takers are dazzled by the next bright shiny object. They easily get distracted and pick up items from desks and tables. They are truly hands-on buyers. Rather than give printed instructions, demonstrate how to do it and then let them try once or twice under your guidance.

Because Action-takers hate to be kept waiting, they usually arrive late, plus it allows them to make a grand entrance and receive attention. Be sure to conclude business here and now, since making a follow-up appointment can be challenging and frustrating. They’ll enjoy the thrill of having gotten “a deal” today, and you’ll have the satisfaction of making the sale on the first encounter.

About Nancy Zare

Dr. Nancy Zare is the consummate communications expert. Having obtained a doctorate from Boston College in social work, and obtaining certification in personality systems, she can quickly and easily diagnose the blocks to successful communications with clients, colleagues and personal relations. Her engaging manner, results-driven focus, and breadth of knowledge helps her clients make stronger connections that lead to more closed business. She is passionate about helping people succeed in their business and personal relationships.