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Professional Services & Business Owners Responsible for Closing Sales

Many sole proprietors, business owners and professionals agonize over their interactions with potential clients, especially if the service they offer involves helping people. They worry about being perceived as money hungry rather than the caring individual they truly are.

Do any of the following statements run through your head when you think about “closing” the sale?

“I hate to sell.”
“I’m afraid to sell”
“I dislike talking about money.”
“I’m so anxious discussing my fee that I tell my prospects I’ll send them an email with all the information.“
“If they want my service, they’ll say so. I shouldn’t have to ask.“
“I’ll lose clients if they feel I’m pushy and aggressive.”

Learning to speak the language of your prospect will relieve you of these concerns and give you the confidence you need to build rapport authentically and generate more business.

Stating your fee structure and asking for people to invest will become easy when you know exactly what to say to maintain the relationship.

Direct Sales Professionals – Insurance, Finance, Products, Services, MLM, etc.

“I know a lot about my product, yet can’t seem to book appointments.”
“I attend networking events and am not meeting the right people.”
“I talk with prospects and don’t close the deal.”
“I’m losing the sale because one member of the couple balks.”
“I’ve been in sales a while, why can’t I get to the top?”

Professional sales people who generate their own client base often make hundreds of cold calls. It’s because they’ve been taught that it’s a numbers game; that it takes a lot of “No’s” before you get a “Yes.”

But what if you could learn how to significantly reduce the number of “No’s” and more quickly get to “Yes?”

What would that do for your career?

What would that do for your pocketbook?

If you identify with any of the following statements, learn to shift your personality style to match your prospects and you’ll quickly and authentically build rapport and make more sales.

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